A brown-skinned mother wrapped in a soft, red robe cradles the snowy Taos peaks in her lap, smiling down at them like her earth child. The flow of here robes are the mountainsides. "Madre Generosa," the generous mother, is the guiding principle in the most recent work of Charles Collins, whose shining creations transcend painting with an invitation to change our collective consciousness. His show, "Triumph of the Spirit," opened Saturday (April 4) and ran through April 26, 1998 at the Van Vechten-Lineberry Taos Art Museum, 501 Paseo del Pueblo Norte. "This is a wonderful show, one of Charles' best," said museum co-founder Novella Lineberry. Collins, who is best known for his encouragement of other artists through God in the Arts Foundation, said God in the Arts evolved out of a desire to encourage anyone who "believes that all life is like petals on the same flower." Collins has been working on this series of 22 paintings for about three years, he said. Some of them are still lifes and "wind warriors," but 10 of them are influenced by the book, "Essenes," painted in the style of the old masters.

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