WELCOME! Arroyos Del Norte Elementary School (ADNE) is located between the dynamically beautiful Arroyo Seco and Arroyo Hondo communities. Arroyos Del Norte Elementary was built in 1998 and primarily serves these communities. Our school is currently grades Pre-K through 5th grade. The average class size is 17. The staff and teachers are dedicated, passionate and committed to deliver quality education. Come visit our beautiful school and meet our highly qualified staff! 
Arroyos Del Norte Elementary is a cooperative educational environment that fosters positive relationships between families, students and staff. Students are celebrated for their strengths where real learning is based on personal interests. Students are recognized for consistent attendance, personal accountability, social responsibility and academic development. We encourage parental involvement through cafeteria, playground or classroom involvement. • Dual Language 50/50 Model and General Education Classrooms • Guided Reading • Library • Music, Art, & Physical Education • Free breakfast, lunch, vegetable/fruit snacks • Ski Club, Basketball and Wrestling • Our own Nature Trail • Zumba and Gymnastics • Enhancement Program • Pre-School

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