Chokola is a small-batch, organically crafted bean-to-bar chocolate maker located in Taos, New Mexico. Almost two decades ago, in 2003, owners of Chokola Deborah Vincent and Javier Abad met in Venezuela. This meeting marked the beginning of a beautiful journey based on the foundation of a mutual passion for chocolate. Together, they began to develop their skills and crafts in the art of chocolate-making, opening a successful chocolate business in Merida Venezuela, where they met. Then with a young family, they moved to Taos New Mexico to live with Taos folk singer and social activist Jenny Vincent, grandmother of Deborah Vincent. In 2015, Deborah and Javi took a trip to Caracas Venezuela to meet and learn from renowned chocolate makers Chloe Doutre-Roussel and Maria Fernanda Di Giacobbe. Six months later, Debi Vincent and Javier Abad opened Chokola. Together, they made a commitment to provide the Taos community with high quality, award winning chocolate.

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