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    July 12, 2018
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A Vision of Shared Stewardship for the Carson National Forest The Carson National Forest is integral to the sustenance and the culture of the many communities and peoples who call this area home. The forest has provided for the needs of Forest lands provide water for acequias, firewood for heating homes, forage for livestock grazing, herbs and medicinal plants Its bountiful natural resources have been utlized by northern New Mexico families for a number of traditional activities The Carson National Forest is committed to showing up differently to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of our treasured public lands in northen New Mexico. The forest actively engages with land grants, acequia leaders and tribal leadership to develop projects that have mutual benefits There is a commitment to engage and involve recreatio and conservation partners, local livestock producers counties local towns soil and water conservation districts as well as many other partners. CARSON NATIONAL FORESTUSDA The forest understands the importance of listening to the public and involving local communities in project planning as well as allowing local community partners to help steward the land photographer: Lenny Foster We are all part of the same communityand onlybyworking together can sustain our forests for future generations which give so much to our lives

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