I am primarily a landscape painter hoping to capture and share the beauty I see wherever I travel or live. 1940 - Born in Wellington, Kansas Educated in the Wellington, Kansas, school system 1962 - BS in Business Administration, University of Kansas 1962 - 1981 Financial Advisor, Edward Jones, Liberal, KS 1981 - 1997 General partner, Edward Jones, St. Louis, MO 1998 - present Retired, Aspiring Artist, Taos, NM I have had a life-long interest in drawing and painting. From the 1960’s watercolors were my preferred medium. I spent many weekends in the country looking for the beauty that can be found in the Midwest. Business travel also provided opportunities to see, sketch and photograph many wonderful places in the world. I seldom am without a sketchbook. While my interest in skiing brought me to Taos, New Mexico, I realized that when my “day job” career ended, Taos would be a very interesting place to live and pursue artistic interests. While primarily a watercolorist, since 2011 oil painting has become my passion. It’s one more life-long learning experience. Being largely “self-taught”, I prefer painting “plein air” or from my own black and white sketches. I have worked with professional artists James Godwin Scott, Ray Vinella, Fran Larsen, Katherine Liu, Skip Lawrence, Christopher Schenk, Pat Woodall, Richard A. Nichols, Lori Putnam and Kevin Macpherson. I also appreciate and enjoy the help and coaching from local artist friends; Walt Gonske, Clarence Medina, Allen Polt and Julian Robles.

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