Kristi A Nelson, LADAC

Mental Health


I feel passionate about helping people to work through what they feel is holding them back from being their most authentic selves. I freely utilize Yoga breathwork & asana throughout a session to help center and bring a person into and feel their body. Then the true work of healing and freeing can begin to happen. I see any addiction as merely an indicator of something else that needs some attention and healing. When the body is allowed to release the trauma, then the desire for other 'medicines' is diminished. And when we can aid our nervous system in this way, day by day, our mind and emotions also begin to heal. Freedom. I know how uncomfortable it can feel to first reach out for help and support. I am available for a free 15 minute consult if that may be helpful to you. Please call and we can discuss what you are wanting and go from there. Thank you. Kristi 575-776-7998

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