Taos Air has selected JSX Air to operate roundtrip flight service to Taos. This change will provide passengers with a reliable and seamless travel experience, getting you to and from the slopes or other destinations this winter, with more speed and the same customer-focused experience you are used to with Taos Air. Taos Air’s convenient, hassle-free, and non-commercial travel experience will continue with flights operated by JSX Air with the use of 30-passenger jets, private terminals, and the ability to check in just 20 minutes before departure. On flights operated by JSX Air, passengers will enjoy a more spacious cabin, Starlink in-flight wifi (coming soon), and the ability to accrue miles/points towards United and JetBlue loyalty programs. Taos Air will continue to deliver on its promise to be the ‘Easiest Route to the Rockies’ and will offset 100% of the carbon impact on routes to and from Taos. TSVA Holdings, LLC (Taos Air) is not an air carrier and does not hold Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) authority to engage in air transportation. JSX Air flights are operated by Delux Public Charter, LLC dba JSX Air, which holds an FAA Air Carrier Certificate (4DPA097O) and DOT commuter air carrier authorization, using E135 and E145 aircraft. JSX Air-operated flights are public charters sold by JetSuiteX Inc. as the charter operator and flown by JSX Air as the direct air carrier. JSX public charter flights are subject to DOT Public Charter Regulations at 14 C.F.R. Part 380. PC# 21-125__.

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